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BugHunter Business - Professional detector hidden bug - Very High Sensitivity

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Antizhuchok bh-2 is ideally suited for the detection of digital and analog bugs, radios and mobile phones, wireless video cameras, radios and other spyware transmitting devices in complex search conditions. Merkurydnepr store guarantee: 36 months detector bugs bughanter bussines the new version of the device is increased dynamic range (48 db instead of 45), resulting in improved search performance bugs and other spyware bookmarks. Another innovation - built-in gsm filter, which guarantees quality protection from interference from closely spaced antennas of mobile communication. Detection range of the radio transmitter power of 5 mw: 5 meters; detection range of a mobile phone: 50 meters;.

Functional features of the indicator field bh-2 exact compliance with all the specs; wide frequency range - 50 to 3000 mhz; the highest sensitivity among the instruments of a similar level; a wide dynamic range; digital detection (short. Otherwise, the function model bh-2 antizhuchka identical bh-1.....

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